I Finally Figured Out How To Get My Dogs To Stop Barking After Watching How A Woman On My Flight Kept Her Dogs Quiet The Whole Flight



I knew it was going to be a long flight as soon as she walked on with her two Chihuahuas...

"Great", I thought, "It was already a 3½ hour flight...Now I have to listen to barking dogs the whole way."

Or so I thought...this is typically the case when people get on toflights with dogs, let alone Chihuahuas!

But I noticed she was carrying something interesting. It was like a remote of some kind. I wasn't sure, until a few minutes later when she used it.

One of her dogs started yapping. "Here we go", I thought. But as soon as it started yapping, she pulled out this device, quietly clicked it at the dog, and the dog INSTANTLY stopped barking, looked at her, then layed back down in her lap.

I was amazed. What just happened?! This would happen a few more times on the flight, and each time I became more and more curious.

So at the end of the flight - with NO barking - I walked up to her and asked her what that was. She told me it's called a BarxBuddy This would happen a few more times on the flight, and each time I became more and more curious.

Humans can't hear it, and it doesn't hurt the dog's delicate ears. They hear the sound and immediately stop what they're doing, whether s barking, running away, or chewing on something they shouldn't be chewing on. It gets them to behave better and better each time. I love it!

When I got home I immediately hopped online to do my research. It turns out this device is used by celebrities who travel with their dogs as well. And because I have 2 loud dogs myself, I decided to order one and give it a try.... Here's what I found:

Within 3 days of ordering it showed up in the mail. It was exactly what the lady on the plane was using. So I waited for my dogs to start barking like they always do, and this didn't take long. Once they did I pressed the button on the BarxBuddy and they INSTANTLY stopped barking, and looked at me!

I was blown away. It's like having a remote control to turn off your dog's barking. I couldn't wait to show my husband, who was equally as blown away.

I tried it on my dogs and they immediately stopped barking

Here's How It Works

BarxBuddy uses a patented military technology called super ultrasonic sound waves that were invented by ex-military dog trainers to train dogs in the military. That's why it's so effective. The sound waves reach a frequency that's disruptive to dogs, but not harmful. It just gets their attention to teach them to stop their bad behaviors.

BarxBuddy is being called the must have dog training device of the year

To say I'm a fan of the BarxBuddy is an understatement. It's one of the few options that not only work faster than traditional trainers, but are much more cost-effective as well!

I highly recommend that everyone with a dog or cat that has some bad behaviors to get the BarxBuddy. And if you don't love it then there's always a full 90-day money back guarantee. So if you don't love it for some reason, just return it!

Right now, the BarxBuddy is offering a 50% discount for readers of our site, but we're not sure how long this discount is going to last. So if you're interested in getting a BarxBuddy, we recommend checking out their website or clicking the button below before it's too late.

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