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Best Home Security Cameras for Family Security

Every single minute in America, at least two homes are broken into. Since 1994, this country averages a total of over 1,000,000 home invasions every single year, but you’re in a position of power: you can do something to prevent it. Home security cameras are your first line of defense to deter criminal activity, monitor your safety, and transform your house into a secure fortress.

These are the five best home security cameras for your family’s security.

1. Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System

We’re always on the hunt for a value, but few brands are able to offer that without compromising on quality—Firstrend gives one of the best bundles you can find for one of the lowest prices. Record in 1080p high definition, and take still imagery in 1.3 megapixels if you need to get a shot on something specific. You get four security cameras, and a one terabyte hard drive to store footage on. Use your app to remotely monitor your home, record footage, and even view everything in night vision. If you’re planning on installing some of these outdoors, you needn’t worry: they come with an IPX6 waterproof rating for light to moderate rainfall.

2. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Not only does this work with your pre-existing Amazon Alexa devices, but you’re also looking at one of the lowest energy costs for keeping a bird’s eye view on your home. Get notifications on your phone if there’s irregular activity, engage in two-way audio to talk to your pets or announce consequences to a home invader (if you get notified of a burglary while at work, for instance), and utilize the LED night vision to maintain round-the-clock surveillance. This lightweight home security cameras displays in full 1080p high definition, and offers a twenty-four hour playback to save and store clips of activity.

3. Arlo Pro Wireless Home Camera System

Choose the number of cameras you need, and get ready to place them in inconspicuous locations. Part of the appeal of exterior home security cameras is that there’s a signal that’s sent to potential criminal activity: we’re protected, we’re monitoring things, and that will usually be enough to ward them off. While these cameras are more subtle, they still get the job done. Connect up to six cameras, enact the cloud storage function, and utilize top-notch tools like night vision, two-way audio, and remote viewing. Each camera comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that must be recharged, but you’ll get an indicator on your phone to tell you which batteries are running low.

4. Anran 1080p Wireless Home Security Camera System

Anran aims to provide value, and an Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator-esque feeling to the whole thing with these black-and-red cameras that demand attention. Letting the world know that you monitor your home actually makes you four times less prone to home invasions, but it’s also about how the hardware operates. You get full 960p display, a one terabyte hard drive to store all your footage on, and a system that’s capable of taking up to eight cameras. Four come in the pack for a rock bottom price, which also allow you to view things right from your smartphone.: monitor, control, and keep criminal activity at bay.

5. YI Home Camera Kit

Four cameras, night vision, and an app that lets you control everything from your phone—YI managed to bring up 1080p high definition in this little kit, but it doesn’t come with any hardware to store footage on. Instead, it can record if it’s hooked up to the cloud services, which are offered through YI for a monthly rate. Low upfront cost, decent hardware, but you will be at the mercy of using their services to store things. Receive activity alerts, use it as a baby monitor, and capture footage from your home in a 112 FOV for a wider range on security.

It’s Time to Monitor and Protect

Everyone has vulnerable moments, but with these home security cameras, you can sleep a little easier knowing that your family is safe. Home security cameras deter criminals, and immediately decrease your chance for home invasion.