After turning 50, I began to feel all the years of tarnishing my body take their toll. Recovering from a period of inactivity or excessive eating was never a problem when I was younger: I always had enough motivation and energy to push myself back into shape. Just a few months ago, however, I would find it difficult to even get off of the couch some days! My wife noticed, too; she lamented that I wasn’t the outgoing, physically-active football coach she married at 25. I decided I would make a change, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I did some research, and came across a bodybuilder guy my age named Jim Stoppani. I heard about him on the Joe Rogan podcast, when Rogan was applauding Stoppani’s expertise in the realm of fitness (it turns out Jim Stoppani has a PhD in nutritional science).  After following Jim Stoppani on social media for a couple weeks, I learned about his breakthrough program: a custom-tailored set of workout & meal plans specifically for men over 50. So, I decided to give it a try.

I’m now just over a month into the program, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision: I’m finally making small (but significant) fitness gains, and my headspace is feeling sharper as well. It’s truly amazing what good-ol’-fashioned diet and exercise can accomplish if done properly. Sticking to the step-by-step workout routines, and following the easy meal guides is all it took to put me on the right path again.

Aging is natural, but it shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why Doctor Jim Stoppani spent years researching the little-known “clog” inhibiting men from reaching their peak energy, stamina and performance levels. What Dr. Jim found is that the exercises and routines most men carry into their older years simply aren’t optimal for a mature physique; thus leading to undue stress and energy waste that could be better utilized with proper training.

Dr. Jim Stoppani has been studying the body for over 25 years, and at 52 years old himself, it shows. He’s a leading expert in nutrition, training and supplementation and his protocols have helped high-profile celebrities meet their fitness goals.

Dr. Stoppani’s taken all his years of studying and working out in the field and developed a breakthrough all-in-one program that keeps you accountable, on track, and most importantly: easy to follow. Dr. Jim’s membership program takes care of the thinking for you and it’s based on science, not gimmicks that promise you a six-pack in seven days. is offering an exclusive deal to our readers: Sign up today for just $1/month to start!

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Figuring out what to eat, how to lower your body fat percentage and actually build muscle in a healthy way can sometimes seem as hard as learning a foreign language. Jim’s custom pathways remove the “figuring out part” and instead give you a detailed plan that will put you well on your way to seeing results. 

With support from his personalized app, a workout, meal plan,  and an invitation into the Jym Army (a community of fellow members determined to make progress in their fitness goals), he’ll help set you up on your own pathway to success, giving you that body you’ve been thinking about for so long. 

If you’re ready, then start your transformation by signing up for a 30-day trial that’ll cost you nothing but a dollar and a little work ethic. 

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