Struggling To Stay Fit? This Doctor Wants To Prove Anyone Can Improve Their Well-Being By Following This Simple Training Plan

I used to be the guy who used to like coming home from work and heading straight to the couch to eat dinner and maybe catch up on sports and news. My co-worker, on the other hand, always left the office to head straight to the gym. There wasn’t a day he didn’t have his duffle in hand. I had always toyed with the idea of heading to the gym myself, but I always wondered how people cooked up energy to hit the gym after being in an office all day.  It wasn’t until that same co-worker gave me a week-long buddy pass to his gym that I realized it wasn’t so bad.

Now, I pencil in at least an hour of gym or workout time most days of the week. Working out is kind of therapeutic for me now. It lets me clear my head of the day’s stress and it’s definitely helped my body. Sitting in an office chair all day has given me all these weird kinks, but working out makes my muscles and body in general feel so much less tighter. 

The only issue I had at the gym is that I would always spend my time there the same way– ran a mile on the treadmill and headed to whatever weight machine was open. I didn’t even bother with the free weights and dumbbells because I’ll admit I had no idea what I was doing. I thought it just counted that I was there. The routine sort of became boring, so I asked my friend how he came up with his workout routines and that’s when he told me about Dr. Jim Stoppani’s online workout programs.

Dr. Jim Stoppani is trainer who’s been studying the body for over 25 years. He’s also a leading expert in nutrition, training and supplementation and has even helped celebrities like LL Cool J, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pine meet their fitness goals, so I knew why my co-worker was so into his programs.

After checking it out myself, I realized it was exactly what I needed.  Dr. Jim Stoppani’s programs take care of the thinking for you. He offers detailed and easy-to-follow workout programs and meal plans that help you meet your fitness goals, no matter what they are, whether you’re just trying to figure out how to eat better lower your body fat percentage, bulk up in a healthy way or just figure out how to make the most of your time in the gym, like me. The best part is that his plans are conveniently accessible from his personalized app, so I can look up the program right from my phone. is offering an exclusive deal to our readers: Sign up today for just $1/month to start!

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Not only have Dr. Jim Stoppani’s programs helped me stay in shape, but they make my trips to the gym feel less like a routine. Each workout is challenging yet doable, and I’m always looking forward to tackling the next day’s. What’s pretty cool about Dr. Jim Stoppani’s programs is that you can also connect with other people who are completing the same program through the Jym Army, an online community of people determined to make progress in their fitness goals. 

If you want to experience Dr. Jim Stoppani’s programs yourself, you can sign up for a 30-day trial that’s just worth a dollar. It’s such a steal. 

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