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I Finally Found a Way to Save Money and Get the Men’s Healthcare That I Need

I was sick and tired of seeing those advertisements in my incognito window that promised to help, but never followed through. One day, my friend suggested ForHims, and I shot him down immediately.. He hounded me to look them up on my own.

I’m glad I did.

My love language is physical touch, and when my body doesn’t respond the way my mind does, it basically make my confidence DOA. Self-esteem drops. It creates other problems that I can’t always identify.

Unlike the standard blue pill that everyone’s always after, ForHims is actually convenient to take. Take your dosage once daily, right at the beginning, and you get the necessary “boost” that you’re always vying for. The difference is that you’re not stressing out (which is a bulge blocker) while you wait for your medication to kick in—it works throughout the day to help you out at any point. Nobody can predict sexy time, but after a few days of using ForHims, sexy time found me, and I was prepared for it.

It’s not easy to have confidence when the outside appearance doesn’t always reflect the lion inside. One major issue—which led to performance anxiety in the past—was the lack of confidence in my appearance: my dry skin, my flaky hair, and those persistent little bumps that I sometimes get around my mouth.

Okay, so I sound like a wreck, but having eczema and a common virus isn’t easy to deal with on my own. My doctor’s weren’t much help, either; I took medications that conflicted with one another, saw different specialists, and some of those were even causing side effects. Enough was enough.

ForHims offers a full suite of products that met nearly every need I had. I thought it all sounded a little too good, until I dug a little deeper to find out how they offer all this.

I was connected with a local state-licensed physician (way faster than setting up a traditional doctor’s appointment), they went over my medical history and information that I submitted, and I got a personalized, inexpensive plan that shipped directly to my door.

I’m done with doctors that don’t listen when I have a problem. Now I have ForHims.

Save Money and get the care your body needs. Get ForHims.