Legendary Bodybuilder Jim Stoppani Shares His Secret For Escaping The “Gains Plateau” Faced By Struggling Weight Lifters

Hitting a plateau is no fun, especially when you’ve been consistently seeing gains since you first started working out. If you’ve been eating right and have been truly dedicated to your workout plan, your plateau is likely not your fault. It’s possible that your body has just adapted to your strategy and it’s now time to enlist the help of an expert. That expert is none other than Dr. Jim Stoppani, and his training program will put you back on the right track

Dr. Jim Stoppani is a leading expert in nutrition, fitness and supplementation and has developed training programs designed to give you just what you need. His programs are designed to help you gain muscle more quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, are backed by science, not “get-fit-quick” schemes. 

Dr. Jim Stoppani actually has a Ph.D in exercise physiology and can count years of fieldwork to his name. He’s mentored many fitness enthusiasts towards their goals, including Hollywood stars like Dr. Dre, LL Cool J and Mario Lopez. He’s also the author of a best-selling book called Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength, so it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about. 

In order to help people achieve some serious gains, Dr. Jim Stoppani developed a series of programs all aimed at muscle-building. His programs include ones that are designed to push your muscles out of their comfort zone, like the “Down and Up Mass” plan and others that are more focused on time-efficiency, like the “Super-Man” plan, which can be completed in just 5 weeks. All the training programs come with a daily schedule of what exercises you should be focused on. To make the process even easier, each program also offers video demonstrations of the day’s exercises. is offering an exclusive deal to our readers: Sign up today for just $1/month to start!

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As they say, abs are made in the kitchen, so Dr. Jim Stoppani’s training programs all offer custom meal plans to help you achieve your goals that much faster. If you’re worried about keeping up with your daily schedule, Dr. Jim Stoppani has also created an app to make it easy for you to follow your training plan while you’re actually at the gym. 

If you goal is gains, then Dr. Jim Stoppani is your guy. He’s been studying the body for over 25 years, so he knows exactly what it takes to build muscle quickly and safely. If you need further proof, then just sign up for Dr. Jim Stoppani’s 30-day trial. You can get access to all his training and meal plans for just $1.  

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