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Yes, Indoor Pollution Is Really Worse Than Outdoor Air, But One Retired Medic Is Helping Us Breathe Safely Again…

“The pandemic has us all thinking a lot more about indoor air quality, so I just wanted to use my training to help people stay health concious.”

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Charlie first got the idea when he returned home to visit his Mom, who was living by herself in absolute filth.

Being in the Military during the pandemic, they really had a focus on indoor air quality, and his Mom’s house was NOT HEALTHY. In fact, reading about Charlie’s story, we learned that most houses have air that’s more contaminated than a New York City street corner1.

Since the 90s, hospitals and the military have been using a technology called air ionization to take harmful floating particles out of the air in their buildings.2 This works on all types of particles floating in the air that would otherwise go straight into your lungs, including diseases, bacteria, dust, and debris.

Charlie’s Mom had been very stressed when he was deployed and started hoarding, and also got 2 more cats for a total of 5. Because of the cats especially, her house smelled absolutely horid. The air was thick and humid, making the smell worse, and Charlie knew it would be almost impossible to get rid of the odor.

Charlie’s medical expertise told him that if he didn’t do something to improve his Mom’s living conditions, she could easily end up in the hospital with some sort of respiratory infection.

A few days after returning home they had completely cleaned the house of all the hoarded items, but the putrid smell remained. Charlie tried to get one of the air ionization filters from the army that he knew would take care of the smell quickly, but found out the cost was $2,500!

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands…

After a few calls to local stores, they couldn’t find any adequate air filters that would do the job for less than $1,000. With Charlie’s background, he had very high standards for cleanliness and wasn’t going to settle.

He called his friend Ron who was a recently retired Army engineer, and had worked on the air ionization technology for the military. Together, they came up with a plan to make a true ionization filter, that was affordable to everyone.

With air quality such a big focus thanks to the pandemic, they knew they could help millions of people if they were successful.

Who wants pathogens, bacteria, and dust floating around their house!?

The technology was the easy part. They simply bought some air ionization units from a manufacturing company that were high-tech so that just one or two of them could take care of a whole house. The hard part was designing the housing from scratch that it was super easy for Charlie’s Mom and everyone else to use.

After a couple weeks at the drawing board, they knew they had something! They high-fived once Charlie saw the drawing, and then they got to work building units.

They named their new invention, Truu Clean!

Putting Truu Clean to the Test…

The next day Ron and Charlie, met at his Mom’s house with a few units. They used three, one by the front door, one in the living room, and one in her bedroom in the back of the house.

They went out to get lunch then came back an hour later…

“When we walked back in the house, I was in shock — the smell was about 90% gone!”

My mom was so happy that she started crying and hugged us both, and she was speechless. What she didn’t know was that I was even more happy. She was safe again, not breathing in dirty, contaminated air anymore.

After reducing the smell that much in just an hour, they knew it would be completely gone shortly. Sure enough, the next morning, they brought some friends by to see if they smelled anything, and not one of them could tell the house was a putrid mess just days before.

Charlie was so happy that his Mom was living in a clean, healthy house. Particulates indoors are always a concern since air isn’t circulated as well as outisde, which means diseases, bacteria, allergens, and mold particles stick around longer.

With Truu Clean in her house, Charlie is much more optimistic about his Mom’s health in these trying times. Many studies have been done about indoor air quality in the average home, and the findings might shock you.

What Does Charlie’s Story Mean for All of Us?

Shortly after saving his Mom’s house, and health, Charlie and Ron launched the Truu Clean website, so that everyone across the nation could improve their indoor air quality, and get rid of nasty stuff floating around in your house.

There are regulations for how clean outdoor air has to be, but have you ever had anyone come test the air in your house? Me neither…

Most household items and activities spew harmful particles into the air. Can you imagine how dirty the air in your bathroom or kitchen could be?

Many of these are harmless, but many are well known allergens which can cause you to always have a stuffy nose or a slight cough. Not good if your body is trying to fight off an illness at the same time.

Most household allergens are stealthy pests. You’re constantly breathing them in so you feel tired all the time, but you never really know what’s wrong.

One of the worst of these allergens is a well-known problem: Mold.

Shocking Mold Statistics…

1. 70% of U.S. Households have mold inside
2. Every year, almost 600,000 kids under 5 die from illness from air pollution.
3. Allergic rhinitis cause by mold costs $3.7 billion per year in health costs.
4. Black Mold is sometimes referred to as Toxic Mold.3

Mold has always been a widespread issue, but the recent pandemic has turned the spotlight back onto indoor air quality issues, and many American’s are now turning to Air Ionization units like Truu Clean.

Charlie when interviewed about Truu Clean’s success said, “Many people are turning to Air Ionization to keep diseases out of the air, but they are getting the secondary benefit of keeping mold particles and commom household allergens out of the air.”

Putting Truu Clean to the Test…

We wanted to test Truu Clean for ouselves so our readers could be confident in getting their own to have a healthy, odor-free home. We bought a few for the office, but did our main test in the lunch room.

To be honest, our lunch room could smell better. So that was the goal!

After leaving the plug-in Truu Clean in the room for 2 hours, enough time for it to Ionize and remove the harmful and smelly particles, we invited everyone in to see what they think.

It was an instant success and most of our employees were begging, please never get rid of this. The room usually smells like fish, strong spicy food, or even worse when someone leaves food out to spoil.

The lunch room smell was pretty much burned into everyone’s minds, but when they walked in after our Truu Clean test, everyone was amazed and decided to throw a pizza party to celebrate our new clean lunch room.

We also put one in each meeting room to keep the levels of harmful airborne particles to a minimum. All around, our office feels and smells much safer!

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Absolutely, Yes.

For the bathroom, or cleaning the air it smelly rooms alone, Truu Clean is worth it. But thanks to the pandemic, we are much more concious of what is hanging out in our air. Truu Clean gave us peace of mind around our office and at home, knowing that harmful particles would be taken out by the Ionization technology.

If you have a smelly laundry room, a cigarette smell in someone’s house you know, or kid’s bedrooms that could smell better, a few ITruu Cleans for your house is a must.

Everyone that we’ve had test it says they’d pay hundreds of dollars to take out smells and harmful particles like Truu Clean allows you to, and are then shocked to find out you can get it for $39 or less(with the 55% discount exclusive to our readers).

It’s time to enjoy your house dust, mold, and pathogen free!

How Do I Get A Real Truu Clean?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don’t get stuck with some ancient prototype that uses harmful chemicals after Truu Clean sells out since they were featured on the news!

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