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This Genius Device Provides Cleaner, Fresher, Safer Air – With Zero Upkeep

Linda Thompson, 77, couldn’t bear the thought of losing her Friday night playdates with her grandchildren. Hearing their laughter and watching them grow up was the bright spot of her week since she lost her husband two years ago. But, now, those weekly visits were in danger of being cut off forever.

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After their last visit, Linda’s daughter had called to complain that all four of her children had come home with sneezing attacks, congested sinuses, and red, watery eyes after spending the evening in Linda’s home. Linda’s daughter said the children weren’t allowed to come back until the dust and allergens were removed from the house.

I was crushed,” Linda said. “I had no idea the air quality in my home had become so toxic.”

But Linda isn’t the only one with poor air quality – millions of Americans also have air quality in their home that can make them very sick with anything from sneezing and coughing to chronic headaches, fatigue, and much, much worse.

At Linda’s annual check-up, the doctor warned her that she could face serious health consequences due to the airborne germs in her home, which could affect her lungs and heart, and perhaps even cause much more serious health issues in the future.

“To keep you and your family safe and healthy, you must make sure the air in your home is as clean as possible,” Linda’s doctor said.

Although Linda deep-cleaned her house – even replacing the rugs and drapery – the air still seemed incredibly dusty. She searched online for a traditional air purifier, but they were all very pricey.

In her search, she found that most air purifiers were at least $600, with the most expensive models fetching over $3,000. She was also dismayed to learn that most air purifiers require a lot of maintenance and expensive air filter replacements.

Linda found herself at a crossroads: either sell her beloved home of 37 years or never have her grandkids visit her again.

Millions have switched to TruuClean: “Economical, less maintenance, and just as powerful at cleaning your air as cumbersome air purifier models.”

Thankfully, a new gadget offers an unexpected alternative to conventional air purifiers. This is a small, plug-in device called an ionizer that uses technology to reduce toxins in the air and prevent them from going into your lungs.

These ionizers work just as well as purifiers, but they’re less expensive, less bulky, and far quieter – which is causing millions of Americans to make the switch from traditional air purifiers.

Carol McIntosh, a homemaker in Winnipeg, bought an ionizer to clear the odors in her home. “We live in a house built in the 1920s, so we weren’t sure if it would help,” she said. “But we were surprised to see the ionizer cleaned up our air quality right away.

Beverly Jackson, 71, bought one to clear her air of allergens. “My migraines stopped the first night I plugged this thing in,” she said.

After Linda Thompson’s daughter found these ionizers online, she ordered four and had them shipped to her house. “I didn’t want to keep the kids from seeing her,” she said. “So I hope these help clean up the air quality.”

Right after they arrived, Linda plugged in the ionizers in his bedroom, guest room where the grandkids sleep, and her living room. “I’ll be darned,” she said, “literally the next day I could tell a big difference. My sinuses cleared up and I could tell the air smelled much cleaner.”

Linda promptly called her daughter to report that the air in his home was allergen and dust-free. Later that afternoon, she brought the kids over and they played into the evening without suffering from congestion or headaches.

“I’m so happy,” Linda said, holding back tears. “I can have them over without worrying they’ll get the sniffles. Now we can continue our Friday night play dates!”

What is this amazing new gadget that allows you to have clean air that’s economical and has zero-upkeep?

It’s called the TruuClean, and it’s a small device that can be installed anywhere in your home in mere seconds.

This brilliant gadget detoxes your air using advanced negative-ion technology…

Immediately after you plug the TruuClean into any standard outlet, it begins to drastically improve your air quality using cutting-edge ionizing technology. Note that, when the blue light is illuminated, your TruuClean is working to clean your air.

What makes TruuClean special is the ability to produce negative ions, which lock onto airborne toxins, weighing them down so they’re too heavy to remain in the air. Once the ions are attached to dust and allergens, they fall to the floor, leaving your air clean and healthy.

Because of TruuClean’s technology, you’re no longer inhaling dust, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other airborne germs that cause headaches, sinus congestion, and other respiratory problems.

Unlike bulky air purifiers, TruuClean is compact – you can even travel with it! Enjoy cleaner air at home, the office, hotel rooms, or anywhere you go. And, because of its technology, there are no expensive filters to replace.

And it doesn’t make a sound! No humming, buzzes, or beeps that interrupt your sleep.

TruuClean can help you detoxify your home in an incredibly effective and economic way, protecting you and your family from dangerous germs and bacteria.

Over 150,000 units sold in the last year … but does it really work?

Since we released TruuClean, Americans are making their families healthier, one home at a time.

With more people at home, the demand for TruuClean has skyrocketed since national lockdowns began in 2020. When people learn of the genius technology that goes into detoxifying the air in their homes, they’re quick to act and, as a result, keeping the TruuClean in stock has been difficult.

Because the technology is so effective at clearing the air, TruuClean has racked up thousands of 5-star reviews from happy, healthy customers.

TruuClean customers love sharing their experiences with this brilliant gadget. Here is just a small sampling of verified reviews:

I was hoping to relieve my nighttime congestion. Every morning I would wake up congested. The TruuClean is amazing. I noticed a significant improvement the first night it was plugged in. I now wake up with little to no congestion and I’m able to breathe through my nose, which I wasn’t able to do before. This really works! — Pat Holmes

My husband is a retired Vietnam veteran who suffers from cardiac problems and breathing problems. The units seem to be assisting him in lessening his issues with breathing. It appears to be assisting me, too, as my morning congestion seems to be lessened. — Janice Hoover

I had an odor issue in my bathroom that lacked good ventilation, and I wanted to control the growth of mold spores. Since installing, the bathroom no longer has this odor and I can keep the door closed without the bathroom starting to smell moldy. This little device does make a difference. I have one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom! — Trino Johnson

I tested TruuClean myself and here’s what I found:

There was no way I would sign-off on this product without first putting it to the ultimate test. As someone with allergies that leave me sniffling and sneezing, I’ve always been skeptical of “air purifiers” because they’ve never worked for me.

But after reading pages of wonderful reviews on TruuClean, I had to give it a shot. TruuClean is not yet available in stores, so I ordered one directly from their website. (They’re currently running a limited-time discount offer for new customers until supplies run low again.)

I was delighted to see my package arrive just days after I placed the order. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I plugged TruuClean in my bedroom a few hours before I went to sleep. It’s incredibly easy to get started, just plug it into any outlet.

The next morning – let me tell you — I woke up to the cleanest, most crisp air I’ve ever smelled or breathed in our house. Most important: ZERO allergy symptoms. No headache, no irritated eyes… not so much as a single sniff.

When these little square devices first arrived, I’ll admit, I stared at them in disbelief. Now, weeks later, I thank TruuClean every day for relieving my symptoms and clearing my air from germs.

Is it worth it? My final thoughts…

Right now is the perfect time to revitalize your indoor air quality. TruuClean is offering new customers an extraordinary discount — but only while their limited inventory lasts.

After living with this device for several weeks now, I’m convinced that no other product offers such incredible air quality — with zero maintenance — at such an affordable price. Not only am I breathing noticeably cleaner air, TruuClean makes my house smell better and helps me protect myself and my family from airborne toxins.

So, for anyone who struggles with allergies, asthma, frequent colds…

Anyone who’s tired of inhaling dust, mold, bacteria, or mildew…

Anyone who’s exhausted with ineffective, hard-to-maintain, pricey air purifiers…

Anyone who wants to breathe the cleanest, freshest air imaginable… this remarkable new device can dramatically improve your life.

And right now on their official website, TruuClean is offering an incredible opportunity to try their best-selling air ionizer at an unbeatable “first time customer” discount and free shipping — but only while supplies last.

As someone who’s reviewed hundreds of household products, I highly recommend taking action on this sizable discount before they sell out again.

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