Advertorial • October 14th, 2022

A Generous Food Allowance Is Available with Some Brilliant Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Beneficiaries Love The Popular Food-Allowance Benefit

The biggest benefit announcement has hit and Those on Medicare are rushing to get their hands on the generous Food Allowance!

Here’s the deal: The “Health Food Allowance” benefit available with some plans in some areas may help pay for health food expenses.”

The ‘Food-Allowance’ comes as a welcomed relief for those on Medicare, especially with health costs increasing. It’s no wonder residents are rushing to take advantage.

It’s easy and free to check if this benefit is available with a Medicare Advantage plan in your area, with no obligation to enroll. Check if a Plan is Available »

With a generous allowance to use on food items like: milk, eggs, bread, juices, water, yogurts, fruits, vegetables and more, it’s no surprise those on Medicare are rushing to take-advantage of a plan wit h the food-Allowance. 

Other additional benefits that may be included in certain Medicare Advantage plans are Free Meal Deliveries, Free Rides to Doctor Appointments, Drugstore Allowances, In-Store Coupons, plus much more!

There is no cost to checking your eligibility, and this popular free online service makes it easy to discover what benefits may be available through a plan in your area.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Search for a Plan:

Step 1: Select your age below (optional).

Step 2: Complete a few quick questions and get connected with a licensed sales agent to see what benefits may be available through a new Medicare Advantage plan.

Step 3: Enjoy your savings and make the most of your new benefits!

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