The Best Products Of 2022 Will Help You Reach All Your Resolutions: Get These Before They Sell Out!

Posted by SLT Staff on December 14th, 2021

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2022 is set to be one of the most exciting years of recent history. With families and friends reconnecting for the first time in over two years, we are all thinking more about hitting our fitness and savings goals so we can appreciate life now more than ever. Here’s a list of our favorite picks to let you hit your 2022 resolutions faster and where to get them before they’re all gone. 

Update: Experts Predict Inflation to Skyrocket in 2022, so be sure to grab these products while they are available and reasonably priced

Miracle Sheets – Literally The Cleanest Sheets Ever Invented

(3514 Reviews)

A fast-growing company called Miracle Brand has created revolutionary bed sheets that are self-cleaning and self-cooling. Since word got out how well their sheets work, millions of Americans have rushed to buy them, so you can rarely find them on store shelves anymore. Thankfully they are selling the sheets online here.

Miracle Sheets are the cleanest sheets around because they use silver infused threading that eliminates  99% of the bacteria normally found in cotton bedding. The special alloy used allows the sheets to remain amazingly soft, while taking advantage of the heat-dispersing properties of Silver. The result is constantly cool, comfy sheets with no sweat or bacteria build-up. Incredible!

It’s perhaps the best kept secret of luxury hotels and Airbnbs to use this type of bedding, but now it’s going viral online. Click here to learn more about Miracle Sheets, and let the customer reviews and testimonials speak for themselves! 

UPDATE: Miracle Sheets are selling out quickly due to the worldwide demand for antibacterial products. Secure your order now before they run out of inventory.

Special For Winter: Top Heat – Heat Up Your Room In Minutes & Save Your Heating Bills

(2870 Reviews)

Problem: Winters are brutal. The frigid, raw cold outside seeps into your house and makes it feel like an icebox. If you don’t want to wear layers of clothes, you end up doing what most Americans do. You “suck it up” and waste tons of money on heating bills.

Solution: Top Heat

Top Heat is an innovative heating technology you can bring into your own home. With PTC convection ceramic heating technology, it uses less power, making it more energy – efficient than other heating solutions. Top Heat comes with built-in safety features. It shuts off automatically when it gets too hot or it falls over. You can use it all day and night without worry around your kids, pets, or furniture.

Top Heat is a very sleek and wonderful addition for your home. Fully portable and outfitted with adjustable settings, Top Heat helps you and your family stay warmer, one room at a time!

FIXD – Give The Gift of Saving Thousands on Car Repairs

(4451 Reviews)

Mechanics Hate FIXD, but your family and friends will LOVE it.

FIXD plugs right into your car’s OBD port (every car made from 1996 on has one) and automatically interfaces with the car’s diagnostic computer. It then tells the included smartphone app what is wrong with your car.

So no more “you need a new bearing shaft defibrillator” when all that was wrong was a loose fuse. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who owns a car, and will save them a bundle at the repair shop.

BarxBuddy – This Simple Device Stops Annoying Dog Barking in Seconds!

(3476 Reviews)

Frequent barking, chewing, scratching, and aggressive behaviors can be fixed with obedience training and patience. But when you need to capture your dog’s attention immediately, you want the BarxBuddy remote!

BarxBuddy helps control your pet through the use of ultrasonic frequencies. Whether your dog won’t listen to your commands, or an off-leash dog is charging up to you at the park, a single press of your BarxBuddy device will modify their behavior straight away. It’s a painless and punishment-free way to curb any dog’s worst habits.

The built-in LED ensures you and your friend stay visible and safe during your late-night walks.

Peppy Pet Ball – The “Smart” Ball That Keeps Your Dog Engaged, Entertained, and Happy

(1141 Reviews)

The Peppy Pet Ball is a toy ball made of tear-resistant materials meant to withstand lots of chewing, while keeping your dog entertained, engaged, and happy—all on its own! You don’t even need to “start it up.” The built-in motion sensors hidden inside activate anytime your dog touches it, instantly starting a game of automated fetch.

And its smart programming technology moves the ball in a randomized pattern. This means the ball will bounce and roll in a variety of different directions and always keep your dog guessing on its next move. A single hour of charge can provide up to 8 hours of nonstop entertainment for your pup. With the BarxBuddy Busy Ball, your dog will be occupied and engaged for hours on end—even when you’re not around to play with them.

Sleep Connection – Never Be A Victim Of Snoring Again

(4215 Reviews)

Tired of bothering your partner in the middle of the night due to your excessive snoring? Do you wish there was a way to eliminate your snoring without even trying? Thanks to the folks at Sleep Connection, they have developed an anti-snore wristband that uses intelligent technology to monitor for any indication of snoring – and if it detects any, it emits sensory feedback which stops the snoring dead in its tracks! Improve you and your partners quality of sleep today with your very own Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband! Get yours today for 50% off, but hurry, this one-time-offer won’t last long!

Primal Hair Growth Complex – Get Voluminous, Luscious Hair With These Hair Growth Vitamins

(2793 Reviews)

If you have hair worries, put an end to them in 2022 with Primal Hair Growth Complex and achieve your hair’s full potential.

As we get older our hair follicle production diminishes, resulting in uneven ends, dryness, and a less-full appearance. But it doesn’t have to be like this, thanks to the enriching compounds in Primal Hair Growth Complex that literally bring the life back to your hair.

Countless celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Vanessha Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus all swear by the amazing results of hair vitamins. Primal Hair Growth‘s formulation is the best of the best, and it’s perhaps one of Hollywood stylist’s best kept secrets – until now.

Dodow –Best Night Sleep You’ll Ever Have

(1872 Reviews)

Problem: Especially during current times, getting a good night’s rest is harder than ever. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping or need help to simply relax and unwind at night, there is now a solution.

Solution: Dodow™

Don’t risk taking over the counter medication or expensive sedative prescriptions when you can use this all natural device to help you fall asleep fast.

Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep – fast.Combining yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, Dodow is the safe way for ANYONE to effortlessly fall asleep…AND stay asleep. Built by insomniacs, Dodow doesn’t just help you fall asleep once: It actually retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own — and with ZERO side effects.

That’s why it’s called a sleep “solution!” So if you or someone in your life is one of the millions of people suffering from some type of sleep issue, you need Dodow now.

Primal Mind Fuel – Sharpen Your Mind With This Powerful Brain-Boosting Supplement

(1846 Reviews)

If increasing your mental sharpness, focus, or energy levels is one of your goals for this year, then taking this ground-breaking brain pill should be part of your daily routine. After years of clinical research and formulation, scientists have finally created a natural supplement that boosts brain power up to 89.2%, all without the dangerous side effects of medications like Adderall. 

It’s called Primal Mind Fuel, a special blend of 11 natural cognitive ingredients that promote increased functionality of the brain. Since its release, big pharma companies have been furious about all the buzz it’s received on blogs and social media, with many comparing it to the drug featured in the box-office hit Limitless.  Right now you can enjoy increased productivity and unlock your full mental potential by trying Primal Mind Fuel for 26% off when ordering your bottles today.

Blissy – Sleep On Silk For Better Sleep, Skin and Hair

(1141 Reviews)

Ah, the cool side of your pillow, there’s nothing quite like it. The problem is, you flip your pillow again and again through the night in endless pursuit of that blissful sensation on your cheek. Meanwhile, all that friction from your pillow is wreaking havoc on your hair and skin.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about all the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase — cooler sleep, healthier hair, clearer skin and fewer allergies. Super models, hair stylists, dermatologists and beauty experts all swear by silk and the Blissy pillowcase is their best-kept secret. Made from 22 Momme Mulberry silk (one of the highest quality silks you can buy), Blissy is dreamy-soft and smooth.

  • You sleep cooler — Mulberry silk has natural cooling properties, so you can stop flipping your pillow.
  • No more hair damage — silk has 43% less friction so your hair glides over the surface, and unlike cotton and other fabrics, it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural moisture. That means shinier, healthier hair.
  • It’s good for your skin — Blissy’s silk doesn’t draw moisture out of your skin and helps prevent “pillow face.”
  • It’s naturally hypoallergenic — wake up with clearer sinuses and no more itchy, watery eyes.

The Wand – Finally Enjoy Wine Without Any Hangover

(1141 Reviews)

If you suffer from wine-related side effects like headaches, congestion, face flush, upset stomach or hangovers… then this wine purifier is for you.

The Wand absorbs over 95% of the histamines & sulfites from your wine, and then keeps them trapped inside of purification beads so they don’t leak back into your drink.

Just remove the wrapping, place The Wand™ into your glass, and leave it there while you enjoy your favorite wine. That’s it.

You can finally drink your favorite wines again, share fun times with the people you love, and still feel GREAT the next day!

What we love about The Wand:

  • Works with any wine — Red, white, sparkling, rose -you name it
  • Tested & Proven— The Wand’s effectiveness has been tested and proven by ETS Labs in St. Helena in California!
  • It purifies the wine without removing antioxidants — in other words, The Wand leaves the “healthy stuff” in your glass while removing the bad ones. It cannot get better than this!

Lids By Design – Take Years Off Your Appearance With An Instant Eye Lift

(1141 Reviews)

Looking for an alternative to fillers or surgery to help combat saggy, droopy or hooded eyelids?

Thousands of women are rejecting going under the knife or getting fillers this year. Instead, they’re jumping on the trend of non-intrusive eye lift tape to combat signs of aging around the eye.

Contours Rx’s Lids By Design are easy-to- apply strips that blend in with the skin to optimize your appearance and leave you looking more bright-eyed and youthful. They’re non-intrusive, provide instant results, and help anyone look their best!

Primal Sleep – Achieve Deep, Restful Sleep With The Help Of This Natural Sleep Aid

(2793 Reviews)

A good night’s sleep is essential to staying healthy and energized throughout the day. If your sleep schedule got out of balance last year, or you didn’t get much sleep at all, consider adding a natural sleep aid to your nightly routine.

The Primal Sleep supplement is a blend of herbs that naturally promotes sleep by helping your body regulate it’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin, chamomile, and bioavailable magnesium work together to promote REM sleep – the deep sleep that signals your body to recharge for the day ahead.

Plus, Primal Sleep comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to trying it out and experiencing how well it can work for you.

Kailo – A Nanotech Pain Relief Patch That Turns Off Pain Signals In Seconds

(1242 Reviews)

The Kailo pain-relief patch is an exciting new piece of technology for anyone who deals with pain. This nanotech pain-relieving patch can actually eliminate the pain you feel in just 60 seconds. The patch is embedded with billions nanocapacitors which give your body natural pain relief by turning off the feeling of pain.

If you deal with chronic discomfort, you can even wear your Kailo all day every day without experiencing negative side effects. This pain-relief patch works anywhere on your body, whether you hurt on your knee, hand, foot, neck, or elsewhere.

The Kailo patch uses no drugs, chemicals, or medicines—and it consists of naturally occurring elements. It comes with reusable adhesives that can work for up to a week, and it can last for years even when worn every day. This waterproof, versatile gadget may just change your life!

NicoBloc – Stop Smoking With This Clinically Proven Method That Tapers You Off Cigarettes

(1242 Reviews)

Smoking is more than just a physical addiction – it’s also tied to your habits and behavior. That’s why quitting “cold turkey” is so difficult!

NicoBloc offers a better way to quit. Simply drop NicoBloc on your cigarettes to reduce the amount of nicotine and tar you inhale from them. You choose the amount of nicotine to block, which allows you to gradually quit at your own pace.

There’s no risk to trying NicoBloc. Simply return it in 60 days, no questions asked, if it doesn’t work for you. Make this year the year you actually quit smoking for good!

MuscleCare – Live Pain Free With This Effective Topical Muscle Relaxer

(6294 Reviews)

Aching muscles can make life miserable, and cause us to quit our favorite physical activities that we enjoy. But many of the options for relief are either dangerous or ineffective.

Thanks to world-renowned pain expert and chiropractor Dr. Chris Oswald, his years of experience with muscle therapy led him to inventing an innovative pain relief method that works directly at the source. And it works at a fraction of the cost of invasive surgeries or prescription painkillers.

Simply apply MuscleCare directly to the affected area. In minutes the Menthol and camphor penetrate deep into sore muscles, providing cooling relief from aches and stiffness.

Aculief – Woman Shocks The Internet By Curing Her Migraine With A 1,000-Year-Old Trick

(2870 Reviews)

Aculief is a patented, award-winning acupressure device that provides drug-free headache and migraine relief – FAST!

It works by applying pressure to the LI4 pressure point (located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger), which has been used for thousands of years to treat headaches and provide tension relief.
It’s doctor-approved and recommended for effective self-treatment.

LifeVac – Save Your Loved Ones (Or Yourself) From Choking With This Revolutionary Life-Saving Device

(4871 Reviews)

This year, have peace-of-mind that you’re ready to help those around you should a choking emergency arise. LifeVac is an FDA Class 2 airway clearing device that quickly and safely removes obstructions when someone is choking.

Unlike back slaps and abdominal thrusts (which can break ribs – or even cause the object to become further lodged in the throat), LifeVac uses suction to smoothly and effortlessly remove the object – it’s so easy anyone can use it!

  • Clinical studies have proven LifeVac to be 100% safe to use in a choking emergency
  • Easy to use – you don’t need training or a prescription to use it
  • Works on both children and adults

Circa Knee – Breakthrough Knee Sleeve Design Makes Knee Pain Vanish

(4268 Reviews)

With over 100 million people suffering from chronic knee pain each year and the costs for treatments constantly rising, these groundbreaking compression knee sleeves couldn’t come at a better time.

Overpriced doctors visits, harmful medications & invasive and risky surgeries are just a few reasons why knee pain sufferers are frustrated. You spend more and more money at every turn only to be left disappointed and broke.

A US-based startup company, Caresole, has come up with a new innovative and patented compression knee sleeve technology called Circa Knee that is totally changing the way knee pain sufferers treat their osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other knee ailments. Already thousands of people around the world are using them.

Beam – Naturally Ease Stress & Anxiety With This Breathing Device

(2463 Reviews)

Anxiety and stress often cloud our minds, judgment, and decisions. This can go on to negatively impact our thoughts, physical health, and even relationships with others.

Thankfully There’s A New Way To Get Fast Anxiety Relief – And It’s 100% Natural. Beam is scientifically engineered with the perfect length and diameter to create the perfect breathing resistance needed for longer, deeper, and more controlled exhale – naturally triggering your nervous system to calm and relax you.

Using Beam is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Inhale through your nose
  2. Slowly exhale through Beam
  3. Enjoy a feeling of calm relaxation

Beam’s internal design will “trick” you into enjoying a peaceful state of deep rhythmic breathing. There’s no better way to relieve stress, all without the dangerous side effects of anxiety medications. If you want to relieve stress this year, Beam is definitely worth trying!

Snow – Get Noticeably Whiter Teeth In 9 Minutes

(6710 Reviews)

By now you’ve probably spotted pics of celebs on social media sporting Snow’s signature glowing blue mouth piece. After all, Snow has become the #1 most wished-for brand of 2021!

Snow is cheaper than dentists, easier than strips, and you can use it at home. They invented a proprietary LED-activated whitening system that removes deep wine, soda, coffee and smoking stains.

With a 99% satisfaction rating, Snow now has over 500,000 happy customers worldwide (I’m one of them). I bought one of their wireless systems and love it!

Give the gift of a whiter, more confident smile.(Or treat yourself to Snow while it’s on sale!)

Hootie Personal Safety Alarm – Protect Your Loved Ones Even If You’re Not Around

(1422 Reviews)

1 in 3 women will become a victim of violence. That’s a scary statistic! This simple key chain could save the life of someone you love. It’s the Hootie personal safety alarm and it’s small but mighty! Pull the activation pin and it puts out an ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe light that scares off attackers and thieves.

Even if you’re walking to your car in a dimly-lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Hootie owners are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”
Give the gift of safety and make sure your loved ones are protected wherever they go.

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap – This New Wearable Device Can Provide All Natural Headache & Migraine Relief in Minutes

(2411 Reviews)

If headaches and migraines slowed you down in 2021, make 2022 the year to get rid of brain pain for good. TheraICE Rx cools down to the perfect temperature so you can comfortably enjoy fast-acting relief.

TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Cap is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy hat that provides natural and fast relief for all types of headaches.

The unique built-in flexible ice pack with 360-degree coverage is a game-changer – quickly relieving pain and putting you into a deep state of pain-free relaxation.

TheraICE relieves pain in two ways: by using compression and cold therapy to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute the signal of pain to your brain – or by using heat therapy to relax your muscles and ease tension, melting you into relaxation and comfort.

Primal Multi Vitamin – Get All the Nutrients You Need and More with the “Miracle” Multivitamin! 

(2389 Reviews)

Not eating a balanced diet can rob you of the healthy red blood cells you need to stay healthy. A bottle of Primal Multivitamins from Primal Harvest gives you a complete blend of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the body needs for sustaining your energy and a healthy immune system.  

Feeling weak, fatigued, forgetful, dizzy, or unsteady could be a sign that you’re lacking proper nutrition. If any of these symptoms are paired with shortness of breath, pale skin, tingling in the hands, weight loss, or an irregular heartbeat, you should visit a doctor right away.

Don’t let things get to that point. Support your health with convenient, easy-to-swallow Primal Multivitamins.

What we love about Primal Multivitamins: 

  • Good for the mind – multivitamins help improve your mood and support your emotional well-being
  • It packs a punch – one serving has more vitamin D than eating 30+ hard-boiled eggs!
  • Save money – you get vitamins A, B12, C, D, K, and zinc, all in one capsule

👨‍⚕️ Note: There’s never been a more important time to keep your immune system strong! Grab your discounted Primal Harvest Multivitamins for everyone in your family today!

OlumiRing – Get Studio Quality Lighting For Zoom Meetings And Tiktok Videos

(4215 Reviews)

This lighting will surprise your clients and friends. When you’re in an online meeting, most people lack lighting, have a window behind them, or their light shines from above them. These cast shadows and make grainy videos.

OlumiRing is an LED ring light that clips to your laptop, tablet or phone….and with the click of a single button, it creates flattering, photoshoot-worthy lighting for video calls and photography. To put it simply, OlumiRing erases shadow – making you look brighter and more like your “real self”.

The perfect gift for the selfie lover in your life.

KoreScale – Revolutionary New Scale Lets You Look Inside Your Body

(2314 Reviews)

Problem: You never know what’s going on inside your body. You can only see what happens on the outside. You gain weight, you lose weight: these are the effects, but you never really knew the cause until now.


KoreScale is more like an ultimate smart scale, with patented Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors scan and analyse your entire body, and break it down into 11 key health metrics. In addition to your weight, you can see your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more. With these insights, KoreScale takes the guesswork out of fitness. You can see exactly how your body responds to diet and exercise in real time.

KoreScale is now running a special promotional offer where you can save up to 50%. Get it for your friends and family members as year end and new year gift.

Bondic – Unleash Your Inner-DIYer and Fix Pretty Much Anything In Seconds

(2411 Reviews)

Let’s face it, most glues and adhesives kind of suck… They’re messy and they never seem to hold like they should. Bondic is way better than glue.

If you are trying to unleash your inner creativity, be more sustainable, or just save a bit more money on replacing broken cords this year, Bondic is the gadget for you.

Bondic doesn’t just stick your things together like glue. It welds them together — without the heat. It allows you to re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything… even fine china!

Just apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 seconds, and voila! The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic on your command.

🔥Hot Product🔥 At Risk Of Selling Out Within The Next 24 Hours

Xtra PC – Turn Your Old, Outdated, Slow PC Into a Like-New PC

(2870 Reviews)

Why invest in a new computer when you can transform your old computer into a like-new one? Simply insert Xtra-PC into a USB port, restart your computer, hit the boot menu key, and go!

The Xtra-PC Deep Scan OS goes to work: cleaning malicious and fragmented files, and organizing your your computer for efficient speed. Once the process is complete, there’s no bloat left on your hard drive, just boot up like normal and enjoy your like-new computer again.

Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden – Eat Healthy And Sustainably By Growing Your Own Greens and Veggies With This Compact Indoor Garden

(5621 Reviews)

Ever dream of your own lush, green garden that produces bountiful, healthy foods? Then enjoy the satisfying process of growing with the Dr. Goodrow Mini Garden this year.

You can fit the unit anywhere – on your desk, in the kitchen, or even the pantry. The self-contained environment guarantees growth of herbs, vegetables, and other plants thanks to its advanced hydroponic lighting and nutrient delivery system.

There’s nothing better than adding a fresh ingredient or two into your favorite recipe, and the best part is it’s much cheaper and eco-friendly to grow greens at home than buying them at the store. The beautiful plant display not only adds pleasant scenery, but also improves your air quality too.

This is the perfect new hobby to get into for anyone!

Eco Max – Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption By Up To 35%

(4264 Reviews)

Check out the easy way to save money at the pump! This discount is valid for a limited time only. Reduce your fuel consumption by up to 35%. Easy to install. 

Fuel consumption of a vehicle is an important factor to look at. Without the optimal fuel consumption, the chances are it consumes very high quantities of fuel. This can lead to a spike in your gas bills and much more.

But even though whether your vehicle consumes too much fuel or not, you can reduce the overall fuel consumption with the help of Eco Max. It is a device that can be installed in your car to reduce fuel consumption. 

  • You will spend less money on fuel
  • Eco Max will upgrade the fuel efficiency of the ECU in the car
  • Using less fuel is also eco-friendly
  • Easy to use!
  • Compatible with almost every car and model post-1995
  • Compact product design
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by 35%

Bril – Kill Up To 99.9% of Germs On Your Toothbrush

(1942 Reviews)

Did you know? Your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it right now! That’s where Bril comes in. Bril is a portable toothbrush case that uses natural UV light to kill germs on the head of your toothbrush – protecting you and your family from germs, viruses and harmful bacteria.

UV-C light is proven to kill 99.9% of germs on the molecular level by destroying the DNA of germs – including viruses, mold, fungi, and bacteria. Bril’s UV light is ingeniously enclosed inside the case making it completely safe while ensuring the light hits every bristle on your brush for a deep 360º clean. It really is “Bril-liant”!

Laundry Masher – Genius Device Will Replace Your Laundry Detergent

(3176 Reviews)

Laundry Masher contains hundreds of specially designed nano silver infused ceramic beads which have been tested to be antimicrobial, killing bacteria and odors with every cycle. It’s reusable and can be used approximately 200 times before needing a replacement.

You’ll save a staggering amount of money by not relying on department brand detergent anymore. No more need to use harmful chemicals which can not only burn the skin and provoke severe allergic reactions, but can also seep into your septic tank or the environment. Laundry Masher is safe for all.

Kore 2.0 Watch – Monitor Your Health & Fitness at a Glance

(3514 Reviews)

This easy-to-use smartwatch has gone viral across the United States. It’s selling out and we wanted to find out why…
Since forever, big tech companies have been ripping their customers off with outrageous prices on new gadgets. These product come to market with barely any new features and higher prices. But now, one tech start-up is turning the $5 billion smartwatch market upside down.
This company is Kore 2.0 and it’s found a way to offer feature-packed (even geeks agree) smartwatches at a fraction of the price to consumers.

AirPhysio™️: Strengthen Lungs and Airways Naturally (Great For Asthma And other Lung Issues)

(1263 Reviews)

AirPhysio is a patented, award-winning device that uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) to naturally improve your breathing.

If you have a lung condition, AirPhysio could be your new best friend. This specially designed device uses a unique method to loosen the phlegm in your chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days. Even better, this doesn’t require a prescription, it’s completely drug-free and safe. Hospitals have used the same technology for years, but now it’s available for personal use.

Huusk – Slice Food in the Kitchen Like a Samurai for Effortless Meal Prep

(1263 Reviews)

Anyone who prepares their meals will feel like a professional chef while holding a Huusk kitchen knife. It slices and dices the toughest foods with ease. Huusk is aesthetically pleasing and retains its sharpness longer than standard blades

Even if your kitchen prep is limited to chopping up veggies or fruits, you’ll appreciate how good this steel feels in your hand. Every element from the solid oak handle to the unique curve of its blade is designed for optimum comfort and cutting efficiency.

The Japanese-style Huusk is your go-to knife for the cleanest cuts.