Advertorial • April 6th, 2022

Homeowners Are Now

Qualifying For Solar At Little To No Cost

The Program Is Meant To Increase Green Energy Initiatives Over The Next Few Years.

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The Government has extended grants and incentives for homeowners that decide to go solar. The initiative is meant to reduce the use of energy sources which are harmful to the environment.

Homeowners Are Taking Advantage

Power companies are furious about this program but it can’t stop you from taking advantage of it. The & federal governments are paying out $1000s of dollars in rebates to homeowners who live in specific zip codes and decide to install solar panels. The reason for this generous incentive is because the government understands the importance of “going green” and are providing homeowners in qualified zip codes enough benefits to cover 100% of the costs related to new solar panel installation projects.

Important: You can check your eligibility at no cost to you and with no obligation to participate in the program. Checking your eligibility takes less than 2 minutes. With the new 2022 Solar program, you can begin saving right away with no upfront costs. 

Will These Programs Work for Me?

The cost of solar panels has never been cheaper, and this has allowed homeowners all over the United States to switch to solar at unbelievable rates. With all of the great rebates and incentives, homeowners who qualify for the 2022 Solar Program can reduce their electricity costs AND help the environment, all with much less strain on the upfront costs of installing solar. Right now one of the largest solar companies in the region is signing up hundreds of customers per day, all thanks to these simple incentives.  

How Do I Find Out If My Home Is Eligible?

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  2. Enter your zip code to verify solar rebates and programs in your area.
  3. Compare the best Solar programs in your area and see your savings.

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