Solar Program Helps Homeowners Save $1,000’s in Electricity Costs

Posted by SLT Staff on November 10, 2023

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Congress Extends Solar Incentives Through 2023

Power companies are pointing the finger at customers and homeowners who are taking advantage of huge government savings programs, based on Solar technology. These programs allow homeowners to use solar power by reducing the cost of installations, in some cases as low as $0 per project.

Why now, you ask? Good question. In just the past year or two solar panel costs have gotten much cheaper, allowing solar to become a cost-saving addition for homeowners, rather than just a benefit for the environment. Both state and federal governments understand the importance of “going green” and are providing homeowners in qualified zip codes $1000’s of dollars in benefits that can cover 100% of the costs related to new solar panel installation projects.

Savvy homeowners who visit our site are often in shock to find that with the current incentives and rebates, they too can install solar with little to no costs upfront. Simply enter your zip code to find out if you qualify. This tool is extra helpful when you enter your energy provider name and your average electricity costs. For many customers, the savings on electric bills are tremendous, up to 50% less than their current rates. That can add up to $1000’s of dollars in year one! Imagine after 5 or 10 years. It’s a no-brainer.

Will These Programs Work for Me?

The cost of solar panels has never been cheaper, and this has allowed homeowners all over the United States to switch to solar at unbelievable rates. With all of the great rebates and incentives, homeowners who qualify for the 2023 Solar Program can reduce their electricity costs AND help the environment, all with much less strain on the upfront costs of installing solar. Right now one of the largest solar companies in the region is signing up hundreds of customers per day, all thanks to these simple incentives.  

A Quick Summary: There’s no longer any need to wait to get back your solar investment – with the new incentives homeowners can take advantage of the 2023 Solar program and begin saving right away. Click here to check if you qualify »

How Do I Find Out If My Home Is Eligible?

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  3. Compare the best Solar programs in your area and see your savings.

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