Advertorial • Solar • July 14th, 2022

Homeowners Are Now Qualifying For Solar At Little To No Cost

The Program Is Meant To Increase Green Energy Initiatives Over The Next Few Years.

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The Government has increased grants and incentives for homeowners that decide to go solar. The initiative is meant to dramatically lower use of less cleaner energy sources.

Homeowners Are Taking Advantage

Power companies are furious about this program but it can’t stop you from taking advantage of it. The & federal governments are paying out lots of money to homeowners that live in specific zip codes and install solar panels. The reason is because specific zip codes recieve more sunlight than others. This program is meant to help reach it green energy targets over the next few years.

Important: You can check your eligibility at no cost to you and with no obligation to participate in the green program should you happen to be a good candidate. It would only take one minute to complete the assessment. It’s an easy process that will not only save the planet but save you a few dollars as well!

Dont Wait! Start Saving Money Now!

It’s as easy as typing in your address at our site. If you do qualify for a free solar panel installation, there are endless possibilities for saving money and possibly generating income from clean solar energy. The US government is offering the highest amount of tax credits, rebates, and grants we have ever seen. Think of the additional financial freedom you could have from saving on the cost of installing solar panels and on your monthly electric bills.