May 24, 2024

No Beef Here! Wendy’s Faces Burger Shortage


No Beef Here! Wendy’s Faces Burger Shortage

The unthinkable has already happened. But this week, it got a little bit more surreal when Wendy’s announced that due to supply chain disruptions in the meat industry, the company is experiencing shortages of hamburgers at selected locations.

It’s no secret that the coronavirus and ensuing lockdowns have wreaked havoc on production and industry. Demand has skyrocketed for essential items and plummeted for luxuries as consumers focus on riding out the pandemic. Meatpacking plants across the country have been hotspots for coronavirus outbreaks; continued interruptions have resulted in an unstable supply of beef across the country.

Some analysts believe that one in every five Wendy’s locations is out of beef, leaving them unable to create burgers and other signature menu items. Wendy’s says it is “more exposed” to supply chain vulnerabilities because of their stated reliance on fresh beef rather than frozen alternatives. The restaurant does feature a number of non-beef and even vegetarian items, meaning that the hold on the meat likely won’t spell disaster for the franchise

We’re working diligently to minimize the impact on our customers and restaurants, and continue to work with our supplier partners, said a spokesperson for the company. There is no word on when the beef shortage could end.