April 22, 2024

The Last Suite of Women’s Skincare, Sex Drive and Birth Control Products You’ll Ever Need


The Last Suite of Women’s Skincare, Sex Drive and Birth Control Products You’ll Ever Need

A staggering number of women are discussing issues with low sexual desire and difficulties acquiring birth control from traditional doctors. The world’s a mess right now, and the stress of it all affects everyone differently. From your skin to your hair, everything is getting a little harder to maintain.

Out-of-pocket costs on prescription (and even over-the-counter) medication is constantly rising, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There’s an alternative, cost-effective solution for women that’s taking a different approach to providing birth control, hair care and skincare products.

Hers is a lineup of products that set the precedent for telemedicine. Attending a doctor’s appointment hasn’t really changed in the last thirty years, but the way we do everything else has. Hers brings the 21st century into medicine.

Physicians That Help You Handle Life

Hers offers a suite of products that all work together for your health benefits. In the industrial medicine world, you may take different medications from different companies and manufacturers, which could be interfering with one another. While there’s no guarantee that your body will respond better, with Hers, you’re getting everything from the same place.

When you’re taking five or more medications, that’s called polypharmacy. It can make it harder to understand side effects and prescribe a treatment option. Hers uses an effective and intuitive method to contact a real physician, have appointments from the comfort of your smartphone, and save money all at the same time. Rooting out the cause of a problem doesn’t have to be an egregious process anymore.

Personalized Treatment Deliver to Your Door

Women undergo scrutiny from their own doctors, have their medical concerns downplayed or disavowed, and don’t always get access to the care that they need. Hers removes the bias, and gives you a smarter way to get the medication you need, all by delivering it to your door.

Your personalized plan is tailored to the medical history you provide, and any concerns that you have regarding your health. Understand your options, schedule inexpensive follow-up appointments, and get back to what’s most important: taking care of you.

Get the ultimate care you need for a fraction of the price. Get Hers.