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The Right Stuff: Healthy Potato Chip Alternatives for Snacking

Potato chips have been a classic American snack for as long as anyone can remember, and they’re great by themselves, with dip, on sandwiches, and can go with us pretty much anywhere. We’ve all had days where we start out with just one chip, and in no time, the bag is gone! Snacking is natural, but it’s important to develop smart snacking habits. But with that said, you don’t want to lose out on the taste and crunch of an old favorite! Here are some healthy alternatives to help you get your snacking fix.

Popped chips are similar to potato chips, except that they’re popped, not fried. While they have similar nutritional content, popped chips often don’t contain artificial additives or flavors. Additionally, popped chips are made up of corn, rice, and chickpeas as opposed to strictly from potatoes, cutting down some on the starch factor.

Seaweed snacks may sound like they’re from the bottom of the sea, but they’ve increased in popularity in the last few years. The vegan treat is a great source of amino acids and packed with flavor! It’s a great source of Vitamin K, Vitamin B, and Iodine, which helps support the thyroid gland. Overall, seaweed snacks aren’t your average snack, but they’re great for your health.

Sweet potato chips may sound like they’re the same as potato chips, but the sweet potato vegetable is actually quite healthy! The root vegetable is lower in carbs, and contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They’re also delicious; well-seasoned sweet potato chips are always a hit!