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Three Easy Ways To Generate Your Own Income

If the pandemic has shown us anything in the past three months, it’s how far a paycheck can truly go. With offices everywhere dispersed and empty and workers of all types suddenly out of work, it’s easy to worry about paying the bills. Building alternate streams of income helps to protect against financial loss from a layoff or furlough; it also provides a safety net for emergencies. Here are three smart strategies you can use to earn money on your own time.

Data Entry

Information is capital, and there’s no shortage of data in any industry in the twenty-first century. Data collected from websites, lead generation efforts, and social media needs to be compiled, organized, and processed. Many companies are hiring data entry workers to sort through numbers and spreadsheets to help stay organized. Most of these jobs can even be done from home!


If you’ve got a decent driving record and you don’t mind being on the road, ridesharing may be for you. With apps like Uber and Lyft, you can use your own car to provide rides to users in your area. When ridesharing, it’s important to be courteous, cautious, and clean. 

A passerby hails a car through a ridesharing app.


The idea behind dropshipping is simple; without actually keeping goods on hand, you serve as the middleman between manufacturer and customer, relaying the order, arranging for shipment directly from the factory to a house, and keeping the profit. Though it can seem intimidating, a successful drop shipping operation can start small and grow. Keeping up with the latest consumer trends is important to maintaining a steady flow of orders.

The money you earn doesn’t have to come from a regular paycheck. With residual income, whether it’s from these solutions or others, is an important tool for financial security. Side hustles can be the difference between missing a bill payment and paying off debt early; keeping your eyes peeled for opportunity can lead to something amazing!