Here’s Why I Started Using Natural Detergent from Sheets Laundry Club

Trending News By SLT Staff November 25th, 2019
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About a year ago, I became really conscious of the types of products I use. I’m talking about everything from my deodorant to counter-top cleaners. I’d read a scary article about how the chemicals in our everyday products could be secretly harming us and it’s safe to say that it seriously had an effect on me. So, after some back and forth I decided to make a switch. My friend is a complete naturalista and swears by her lifestyle, so I thought why not give it a try? I slowly started replacing the products in my house and bathroom cabinet with those made with non-toxic, natural ingredients instead.

But the one thing I never really thought about was how those same toxins could also be present in the detergent I used to wash my family’s clothes. It wasn’t until I found Sheets Laundry Club through one of the ladies in my first-time mommies Facebook group that the thought even crossed my mind. The lady was raving about the fact that Sheets Laundry Club makes natural, eco-friendly detergent and to be honest, I didn’t even know natural detergent was a thing. 

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Sheets Laundry Club doesn’t make your typical detergent. It’s neither liquid nor pods. Instead, they’ve come up with a way to concentrate a bunch of detergent onto what they call a laundry sheet. The laundry sheets look just like dryer sheets, but they’re meant to wash your clothes instead. When I first used them, I loved how easy the process was, no guessing how much I needed to use. All I had to do was throw one sheet into the washer, then add my clothes and simply press start. The sheet dissolves into the water, so I didn’t have to try and find it once the cycle was over. I’ll admit I ran one under the faucet just to witness the magic firsthand.

Instantly dissolves in the wash just like detergent

The sheets left my clothes smelling fresh and clean without using any of the harsh chemicals in my old brand, and I was seriously impressed. It also helps that Sheets Laundry Club doesn’t use any plastic, so you can only imagine how much better for the environment that is. 

I was sold after the first wash, but the convenience was an extra perk. Every two months, I get a package of 100 laundry sheets, 80 dryer sheets and 2 tubes of scent boosters for my clothes for less than $20 a month. If for some reason, I haven’t used up all my sheets before the next package is scheduled, I can simply change the day my next package is delivered without one of those annoying fees.

The laundry sheets are now my go-to detergent. I’d recommend everyone give Sheets Laundry Club a shot because there’s really nothing to lose. They make it so easy to get started, and choose the right plan for you and your family!

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