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Itching to Travel? Follow These Tips

Ah, yes, vacation. Getting some time away from the chaos of our daily lives is imperative to being healthy, happy, and productive. After enduring a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there’s never been a better time. But with the coronavirus still wreaking havoc around the world, it’s not as simple as booking a flight, packing a bag, and jetting off to your next destination. We’ve got some tips to help you enjoy your summer while playing it smart and safe with your vacations and trips.

Think Domestic

While there’s an entire world of destinations, many are either inaccessible or heavily restricted. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun to go on vacation anywhere if you landed there and learned that the attractions and sights that make it worth visiting are closed! If you’re in the United States, there are endless possibilities for vacations that don’t require a passport, and may not even require getting on a plane!

Pack Your PPE

Different countries (and even different states) have different requirements on mask wearing, distancing, and restrictions on who can enter their borders. As a responsible traveler, you’ll need to be prepared for anything, especially if you’re planning on flying or taking a train. Make sure you review the relevant covid/PPE protocols for anywhere you’ll be on your trip.

Get Your Vaccinations

In addition to protecting yourself from the coronavirus, being fully vaccinated will provide easier access to countries as borders begin to open up. As vaccines become available across the world, countries that vaccinate their own populations will then begin to allow vaccinated travelers from other countries to enter their own borders. The best way to protect yourself and to get to the front of the line to those destinations you’ve been dreaming of is to get your shot!