April 22, 2024

Best Coffee Makers for That Perfect Morning Cup


Best Coffee Makers for That Perfect Morning Cup

Best Coffee Makers for That Perfect Morning Cup

It gets you up in the morning, it shifts you from first gear into second, and yet a bad cup of coffee in the morning can offset your whole day.

Most of us need that coffee first thing in the morning, but you don’t have to spend a killing at the coffee shop every day if you have a top quality machine at home. These are the five best coffee makers that will transform your morning, and upgrade your kitchen at the same time.

1. Keurig K250 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig reinvented the way we drink coffee at home, and their machines have only gone down in price over the years. The K250 can be used with an adapter filter or single-serve K-cup pods, and gives you an excellent cup in about sixty seconds.

All the guesswork is taken out of the equation: pop in the pod, press an ounce preference, and let the forty-ounce reservoir work in sync with the system to pour out a perfect cup.

If you use this for a morning cup of coffee each day before work, you’ll only have to fill the reservoir once a week. Keurig designed this to be lightweight and compact, while retaining their known-for easy-to-clean construction.

2. Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ

You might know Ninja for their blenders, but after today, you won’t think of anything else other than the stellar brew that it creates.

This is a one-stop coffee shop: brew five different ways, steam or froth milk for a latte, and keep things warm in the stainless steel carafe (pot) that comes with it. It’s all double-walled to keep that excellent flavor locked in, thanks to Ninja’s Thermal Flavor Extraction technology.

While crafting the perfect cup is a labor of love, Ninja simplifies the process by taking a strictly scientific approach to it—buckle up your taste buds.

3. Cuisinox Roma Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

Believe it or not, you can make an even better latte or cappuccino at home than you get at the coffee house.

Cuisinox has a simple system, but it lets you fill up the electric kettle, select your cup size (generally 1.5 oz per shot of espresso), and let it rip.

Built out of high-end stainless steel and designed to create Italian-style espresso in authentic fashion, it’s the quickest and cleanest method to getting top-notch espresso in your hands in no time.

4. Espro Travel Coffee Press

You know what’s never a good idea?

Hotel room coffee pots—you have no idea when those have been cleaned, and they have an odd taste that flavors the coffee. This travel-sized stainless steel coffee press can be used at home in your kitchen, or on a business trip when you don’t know the local coffee scene.

Double-walled, built to last, and fitted with a perfect press system and filtration method, this inexpensive model will keep you wrapped in caffeinated comfort no matter where you are.

5. AeroPress Coffee Maker

Let’s take the technology out of the mix for a moment. Some of the best coffee (even in coffee shops) is made by hand, and AeroPress gives you an inexpensive way to get a bit more personal with the outcome of your coffee.

Their simple pressure press system comes with everything you need to scoop grinds, funnel the coffee out, and control the strength of your morning cup.

You’ll also get a one-year supply of their micro filters. It takes just thirty seconds to get your coffee in the morning.

Brew Like a Barista, Every Single Day

Save time on your commute, over a thousand dollars per year, and enjoy some of the best-tasting coffee of your life, all from home. The beans matter just as much as the machine, so get on the good foot with an even better morning brew.