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Five Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the value of having a space to call your own. We’ve passed much of this year in our homes, apartments, rooms, and yards; keeping a clean house is good for morale, lowering stress, and feeling more comfortable. Here’s a few of our favorite tips to freshen up your space.

First, Declutter!

Clutter is the silent killer; it sneaks up slowly, and it’s everywhere before you even realize. Try going room-by-room, surface-by-surface to get rid of junk and rid your house of things you don’t need. You may even find something you’ve lost!

Let the Light In

Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably a fan of natural light. Apart from the visual display, the presence of natural light in a home can lift the mood, make the house feel more expansive, and provide a feeling of true warmth.

Add Some Plants

Greenery can make any space, indoor or outdoor, feel more lush, comfortable, and welcoming. Whether you like windowside succulents or ivy growing from the cracks in the brick wall, adding plants to your abode brings life into your space! 

Swap Out the Mat

It’s hardly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about home decor, but the mat at your front door can leave a considerable first impression on visitors. Getting rid of a worn and dirty mat in favor of one that’s fresher and newer makes the house look more tidy and put together.

Add a Candle

Decorating a home is a task for the eye; creating a warm aroma that greets your guests with a hug and pulls them into your home is a task for the nose. A candle (or two) can provide depth to the experience of being in your space and give you a way to express your personality and taste.