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These 7 Best Drones Will Let You Capture Memories Like Never Before

2014 was the year of the “selfie”, which received its own hot-100 single and stole the show at the Oscars awards. But we here at Smart Lifestyle Trends are here to inform you that the beloved selfie is already a bit too passé for 2019. It’s time to take your photo game to the next level, people.

This is where drones come in. Until now, when most people think of drones, they picture some big, clunky, and loud gadget whizzing through the sky. This is not the case in 2019. Today’s consumer drones are compact, swift, and have amazing cameras that capture jaw-dropping 360 degree views of the world around them.

They are the traveler’s ideal tool for documenting the scenery of newly-discovered destinations, as well as your grandparent’s favorite new way of snapping a family picture without the need to fumble with a tripod (Seriously, did you know that these things can take the perfect group pic with almost no effort?). Now you might be wondering, which one should I get? Lucky for you, we’ve assembled the seven best options for anyone looking for the perfect drone.

1. DJI Spark

DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo

At $399, The DJI Spark is the perfect entry-level drone that anyone regardless of experience can operate and capture beautiful full-HD footage with. Plus, this thing fits easily in the palm of your hand, and slides in your pocket when folded up. Here’s some of its key features:

  • 2-Axis Stabilized Gimbal Camera (this makes the footage smooth and eliminates the bumpiness associated with flying)
  • Flight autonomy with obstacle detection subject tracking (flies itself while keeping the camera focused on whatever subject you choose. Great for mountain bikers!)
  • Up to 1. 2 mile control range (super efficient battery life)

2. DJI Mavic Air (Best Camera Quality)

DJI Mavic Pro with Controller

For the consumer who wants a “wow” factor and the best combination of picture quality, ease of flight, and price, the DJI Mavic pro is by far the best option on the market. The key difference between this model and the Spark is that this beast captures full 4K Ultra-HD while still maintaining the same foldable form factor as its smaller Spark cousin.

If you want to capture crystal clear panoramas at 32 megapixels, fly up to 21 minutes per charge, and even control the drone’s position with hand movements, this is the UAV for you!

3. DJI Mavic Pro Elite Combo Pack

This pack contains everything you need to fly for hours and capture tons of footage

No more messing around, if you want to take some seriously professional shots straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, this is the kit that will let you do it. For those who travel often and want a to-notch setup, this package contains everything needed to keep the Mavic Pro juiced up and ready for action.

4. Snaptain S5C (Budget Option)

At under $100, this drone is perfect for those on a budget

If you’re interested in trying out a drone without paying a pretty penny, or want something you’re not afraid to take into the unknown, this budget drone from Snaptain does the job perfectly well. Coming in at just $74, this drone captures HD 720p footage and is easily controlled from your iOS or Android phone.

5. TBA

6. Snaptain Mini Drone (Perfect for Kids)

This drone is designed with safety in mind as it contains built-in propellor shields, and performs wild mid-air stunts on command. A perfect birthday or holiday present for any young pilot!

7. Crave Ultra High Density PowerPack (Must Have)

Crave PowerPack (Amazon)

Never lose power on any of your devices (drone included) by keeping this 50,000 mAh battery pack on your side. This beast is able to fill up any computer, phone, or accessory via USB or AC power. As essential for anyone who is constantly traveling with multiple devices!