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Three Tips to Freshen Your Home Space

Things have been strange over the past few months. Depending on where you live, you’ve probably had to deal with some sort of stay-at-home order as a result of the pandemic. In many other urban spaces across the world, the lockdown has forced many of us into spaces that can be quite small. 

It’s tough to realize just how much space we truly have until we’re confined within it. If you’ve felt stuck, stir crazy, or sluggish, you’re certainly not alone! Freshening up your place can make it feel cleaner, spacious, and much more livable! Looking to start? We’ve got a few tips for you.

First, Declutter!

Clutter is the silent killer; it sneaks up slowly, and it’s everywhere before you even realize. Try going room-by-room, surface-by-surface to get rid of junk and rid your house of things you don’t need. You may even find something you’ve lost!

Add Some Plants

Greenery can make any space, indoor or outdoor, feel more lush, comfortable, and welcoming. Whether you like window-side succulents or ivy growing from the cracks in the brick wall, adding plants to your abode brings life into your space! If you’re a pet owner, make sure to only purchase plants that are safe for animals, and to water them often!

Add a Candle

Decorating a home is a task for the eye; creating a warm aroma that greets your guests with a hug and pulls them into your home is a task for the nose. A candle (or two) can provide depth to the experience of being in your space and give you a way to express your personality and taste. Try and buy paraben-free candles; cutting out preservatives is healthier for breathing in over the years.